A kidnapped orphan triggers an intelligence war in the Middle East, catapulting top-spy Mark Sava into a desperate race against friend and foe alike. 

Azerbaijan didn’t want him. And now Kyrgyzstan may not be able to handle Mark Sava either. The ex–CIA station chief has settled into a new, easy life as a spy for hire. But then his girlfriend, Daria, discovers the private intelligence agency employing Sava is connected to a strange plot involving a mysterious orphan.

As Saudi intelligence agents and the CIA seek out the boy for their own ends, Sava and Daria call on old friend and ex–Navy SEAL John Decker to protect the child while they dig for the truth. Soon Sava has a front-row seat to a black ops war between the CIA, US Naval Intelligence, and foreign forces—and the boy is somehow the key to victory. Sava just wants to find the child a good home, but can he do so before his own broken past proves his undoing?

Spy For Hire hit #1 on Amazon's espionage bestseller list in the US and UK​.


Ex-CIA station chief Mark Sava loses his home, job, and nearly his life, all on the same day. His past catching up to him, he thinks—until three strange emails appear from a friend in need.

Sava turns to his Iranian American ex-girlfriend for help and soon they’re on a tear through Turkmenistan and Iran, hunting for Sava's friend while trying to outrun a Chinese intelligence agent. Confusion reigns, and war with Iran hangs in the balance, but Sava's not easily rattled...


In Baku, Azerbaijan, an American with ties to the US Defense Department is assassinated at an international oil conference. Hours later, ex-CIA station chief Mark Sava learns that a young CIA operations officer, an Iranian-American woman he helped train, is the top suspect. And now she needs his help. So begins Sava’s reluctant descent into the hellish underworld of the new Great Game, where China and America and Iran are all clawing at each other’s throats, waging a secret intelligence war over oil. Sava doesn’t care who wins, but ultimately he, and a colonel fighting to save his illegitimate daughter, will decide.

The Colonel's Mistake hit #1 on Amazon's espionage bestseller list in the US, UK, Germany, and Australia.


Mark Sava is thrown into the fight of his life when an unresolved Cold War mystery involving his first love collides with a present-day Russia on the march.

Life has never been better for Mark Sava, the former CIA station chief of Azerbaijan. He's recently married, has a newborn daughter, and the launch of his spies-for-hire business in Central Asia has been a great success. Then he gets a call from the US Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia–one of his employees, seventy-two-year-old Larry Bowlan, has died of a heart attack.

Bowlan was also Sava's first boss at the CIA, so Sava feels a responsibility to personally recover the remains of his friend. He hops on a flight to Tbilisi, visits the hotel room in which Bowlan died, and is shocked when he discovers an oil painting that depicts a woman he knows all too well...

So begins four of the most violent and blisteringly personal days of Sava's life as he struggles to protect his future, and the future of a country he loves, by fighting demons from his past.

Death of a Spy hit #1 on Amazon's espionage bestseller list in the US.

  German print and audio translations of The Colonel's Mistake are now available. Find them in bookstores under the title: Der Fehler des Colonels.

•   The Chinese translation of Death of a Spy was released 9/21/15.