Below is the image that accompanies all my blogs. It's a photo that I took while in Iran of a ~2500 year old tomb, probably that of Darius II, at a place called Naqsh-e Rostam. 

I am an occasional contributor to the, the largest online magazine out there for the Iranian diaspora and people, like myself, who are interested in Iran. My interactions with its readers has been invaluable in terms of providing ground-level insights into the situation in Iran. 

To date I have contributed anonymously under my initials. 

Why Israel Won't Attack Iran

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Why a lot of pundits are likely wrong when they speculate that Israel is close to attacking Iran.  
DISCLAIMER: The editor titled this article Wicked Wisdom. It is not a title that I would have chosen. When I wrote the article in January of 2010 I certainly didn't think people speculating that Israel was on the verge of attacking Iran were wicked, I just thought they were wrong. 

This Revolution Might Take a While

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Four Reasons Why Khamenei is Like the Shah

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In the comments that follow I get in a big row with a monarchist, but it all works out in the end.

Can the Islamic Republic of Iran Form a More Perfect Union?

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I argue that without the support of the Grand Ayatollahs for velayat-e faqih (translates as 'rule of the jurisprudent' and is the central philosophy behind the current regime in Iran), the kind of limited reform-the-system-from-within being pushed by Mousavi and Rafsanjani is unlikely to materialize.

After visiting Iran I posted a photo essay, entitled Dizin: Remote and Wild. Click on the screenshot below to see it.​