Main Characters

Mark Sava–Former CIA station chief of Azerbaijan, currently employed as a professor of international relations at Western University in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Daria Buckingham—Iranian American CIA operations officer. Fluent in both Azeri and Farsi. Works in a nonofficial cover position in Baku, Azerbaijan.
John Decker—Former Navy SEAL. Is trying to find work as a private security contractor in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Colonel Henry Amato—Advisor to US national security advisor James Ellis. Amato specializes in Iran-related issues. 

The Rest

Ayatollah Khorasani—Supreme leader of Iran.
Fatima—Young Iranian woman who helps Mark and Daria.
Jack Campbell—Retired deputy secretary of defense who was assassinated just prior to when the novel begins.
James Ellis—US national security advisor. Advises the president of the United States on national security issues. Ellis is Colonel Henry Amato’s boss.
General Ali Aryanpur—Head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards; the second most powerful man in Iran, after Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khorasani.
George Logan—CIA station chief of Azerbaijan; Logan was Mark Sava’s replacement.
Jimmy Holgan, Jr.—CEO of Holgan Industries, the largest oil services company in the world.
Larry Bowlan—Former CIA station chief, now works at US consulate in Dubai. Mark Sava’s first boss at the CIA.
Leonard Peters—CIA operations officer based in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Maryam Minabi—Leader of the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK), an Iranian resistance group.
Martinez—One of two special operations soldiers aiding Colonel Henry Amato. (It’s not mentioned in the book, but Martinez works for the US Army’s Intelligence Support Activity unit.)
Nika—Mark Sava’s Azeri girlfriend.
Orkhan Gambar—Azeri minister of national security. Worked with Mark Sava when Sava was the CIA station chief of Azerbaijan.
Reza Tehrani—Daria Buckingham’s uncle and a high-ranking member of the MEK.
Sabir—Nika’s son.
Stu Waltrop—Executive vice president of an oil services company owned by Holgan Industries. 
Ted Kaufman—Chief of the CIA’s Central Eurasia Division and Mark Sava’s former boss. Works at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.
Tural—Nineteen-year-old Iranian member of a Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) cell based in Astara, Azerbaijan.
Yaver Mustafa—An Iranian leader of a Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) cell based in Astara, Azerbaijan.

The Colonel’s Mistake by Dan Mayland
Cast of Characters