Main Characters

Mark Sava–Former CIA station chief of Azerbaijan. After quitting the CIA, he worked—briefly as a professor of international relations at Western University in Baku, Azerbaijan. Currently works for CAIN (Central Asian Information Networks), a spies-for-hire firm based in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.
Daria Buckingham—Iranian American, former CIA operations officer. Currently lives with Mark in Bishkek and runs a charity that helps funds orphanages throughout Central Asia. Fluent in Turkic languages and Farsi. Mark used to be Daria’s boss when she worked for the CIA.
John Decker—Former Navy SEAL, now a private security contractor who works for CAIN. Has worked with Mark before in Azerbaijan, prior to signing up with CAIN.

The Rest

Abdullah—Muhammad’s uncle.
Bandar bin Fahd—A Saudi prince who works for a private equity firm in Bahrain.
Belek—The former chief of the Bishkek police department and older brother of the current police chief. Mark regularly plays the backgammon-like game of narde with him.
Bruce Holtz—Former CIA operative and current owner of CAIN, a spies-for-hire outfit that operates in Central Asia.
Jean Harman—Muhammad’s preschool teacher.
Jeffrey Garver—A Rear Admiral in the US Navy. Director of intelligence for US Naval Forces Central Command in Bahrain.
Jessica—A twenty-three-year-old Australian woman; girlfriend of John Decker.
Larry Bowlan—Mark Sava’s first boss at the CIA; works at the US consulate in Dubai.
Muhammad—A two-year-old boy from the island nation of Bahrain; is placed in an orphanage in Balykchy, Kyrgyzstan.
Nazira—Directress of an orphanage (that Daria helps fund) in Balykchy, Kyrgyzstan.
Radovan Saveljic—Known as Rad. Works in India as a project manager for the oil company BP. 
Saeed al Yami—A high ranking officer in the Saudi General Intelligence Presidency, which is the Saudi equivalent of the CIA.
Serena Bamford—The CIA’s chief of station/Kyrgyzstan. 
Ted Kaufman—Chief of the CIA’s Central Eurasia Division and Mark Sava’s former boss. Works at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.
Val Rosten—Deputy chief of the CIA’s Near East Division.

Spy For Hire by Dan Mayland

Cast of Characters