"Mayland's insight into Central Asian espionage and his ability to craft a breathless thriller are exceeded only by his understanding of the human heart. Think you can guess what The Leveling refers to? Think again."
–Orest Stelmach, bestselling author of The Boy From Reactor 4


From August edition of Booklist

Mark Sava is teaching international relations in Baku, Azerbaijan, and the former CIA station chief for Azerbaijan doesn’t miss his old life at all. But when Daria Buckingham, one of his former field operatives, is arrested, and almost all the station’s operational staff are murdered, he rejoins the Agency as a contractor. The machinations he uncovers reach the highest levels of the U.S. and Iranian governments, and Sava finds himself on the run in Iran, Iraq, Dubai, and Paris. Author Mayland handles this debut novel (and first of a series) with the aplomb of a veteran. He makes oil-rich, little-known Azerbaijan a fascinating locale for the “latest incarnation of the Great Game.” Sava’s transformation from complacent professor to hard-edged, combative spook is skillfully handled, and the explication of Azerbaijan’s importance in the geopolitics of oil recalls the knowing thrillers of David Ignatius. There’s also plenty of action, and a violent denouement. Espionage-thriller fans won’t want to miss this one.
—Thomas Gaughan

Author Blurbs

Mayland beautifully captures the high stakes games played in an increasingly complex world.
The Colonel's Mistake is a terrific ride.
–Kyle Mills, New York Times Bestselling author of The Immortalists

Dan Mayland tells a riveting spy story from the Caspian oil city of Baku. He vividly captures the mysterious, dangerous place that swarms with agents like Cold War Berlin in the 1960s. 
–Lutz Kleveman, author of The New Great Game: Blood and Oil in Central Asia

An outstanding debut by a promising new writer.  The Colonel's Mistake has a fresh setting well off the beaten path of the run of the mill intelligence novel, and you'll definitely be rewarded for making the trip.  Grab this novel quick, or you may end up reading the scenario on the front page of your newspaper instead.

–William Christie, Author of The Warriors of God

Dan Mayland has an excellent understanding of modern Iran.

–Gene Garthwaite, author of The Persians

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"The action starts immediately and doesn't let up until the last page..."
Louis Gruber, click HERE to read full review

"To say I enjoyed this is an understatement..."
–Archie Mercer, click HERE to read full review

"It is obvious from his writing that Mayland knows the area he chose for his story; it is difficult to imagine he could have made it so believable otherwise."
–Hrafnkell Haraldsson, click HERE to read full review

"This book is well written, fast-paced and gripping."
Patricia Marks, click HERE to read full review

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"A stunning literary debut..."

"Written in a fast paced and tense style of narrative which reflects the tension and danger in the narrative, The Colonel’s Mistake, is a high stakes and intense work..."

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